Nasty-Nastia – Public Anal Walk – Gänsemarkt Hamburg – Buttplug Walk

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 Nasty-Nastia – Public Anal Walk – Gänsemarkt Hamburg – Buttplug Walk

 Nasty-Nastia - Public Anal Walk - Gänsemarkt Hamburg - Buttplug Walk

Language : English
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The clip starts off with Nastia sitting on a public bench of a busy square in the inner city of Hamburg and there’s a written announcement the sound had to be cut (for unknown reasons).   Anyway after a few seconds the sound is back and we hear Mrs Nastia telling she’s in for a walk.  She grabs a buttplug from the handbag next to her, tilts her ass to the side a few degrees, pulls up the hem of the black summer dress and puts a big fat black tapered buttplug in her ass without much further ado.  All of this happens at the presence of a couple sitting on the same bench.

Off she goes, crossing the square, occasionally stopping to flash that ass, the latex rim of the plug very visible.  She keeps on strolling the busy city centre and sometimes she touches and pushes her behind to keep things in check.  She flashes that ass again before entering a little shop that sells scarfs, handbags,…a miscellaneous array of wearables really.  It’s busy in the shop but that doesn’t deter her from flashing both cunt and ass,…not in the slightest.  She leaves the shop and saunters on flashing cunt and ass at least two times more in that crowded shopping street.

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