MormonGirlz – Melody: Penetrated

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MormonGirlz - Melody Penetrated


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MormonGirlz – Melody: Penetrated









Greetings, true believers. Well, we find ourselves being jerked around once again by our favorite parody of a drunk college bet that — in reality — had nothing to do with being drunk or being in college. Our favorite website has decided to play with our emotions by offering another lesbian scene. At this point, I feel like the lab chimp that knows he will get shocked if he even thinks about reaching for the banana; right around the corner, I suspect a crudely-made straight video where we will get tortured either by the awkward stroking of the producer’s friend or a promise of actually diversifying and professionalizing the male cast that will never come to be.

At any rate, this offered banana features Riley and Kasey playing “Who the F*ck Needs a Man?” Going through a small arrangement of strap-ons — including a one-foot black model that looks like a crime against humanity — Riley pit Kasey through her “ohs” and “ahs” recital with some doggy-style, some prone missionary and cowgirl thrusting.

Overall, it’s not a bad video, but it promises bad things next week. BoBo afraid of banana …

From ” Innocent young Melody has had her virgin pussy thoroughly inspected by Jane, the Seed Bearer’s favorite girl. But she has a lot more to learn before she can get pounded by the Seed Bearer’s throbbing member.

Jane is the high priestess of the Order and she takes her position very seriously. She considers it her ultimate duty and privilege to show the new girls how to be please the powerful men of The Temple.

She knows, firsthand, all the ways the Order will test a young girl’s body, all the limits they will push past. And she knows that the Seed Bearer and the rest of the men will only be satisfied if a girl can prove that she is more than just a quivering hole for them to pump their cum into.

After Melody filled Jane’s mouth with her sweet pussy juice, Jane knew the young virgin was wet enough and open enough for a more rigorous test.

Melody, is still reeling from an orgasm so big she nearly passed out. And she barely hears Jane telling her that she is going to teach her everything she needs to know for the next step in her journey. But, Melody’s head immediately clears, when she sees Jane wearing a black leather harness. Attached to the harness, and hanging from between Jane’s shapely legs, is a black cock that is almost as long as Melody’s arm.

She is terrified. But she is also a girl who loves a challenge.

Jane, tells Melody to get on all fours and kiss the head. Melody does as she is told, but Jane wants more. She tells Melody to open her mouth. “I know it’s a lot, but I need you to see how much you can fit.”

Melody begins to choke and spit rolls down the sides of the endless shaft. She wants to show Jane she can do it, that she can be a good girl, no matter how big the dick is.

Jane smiles and moans as holds the back of Melody’s head steady. The sound of Jane’s pleasure makes Melody’s pussy tighten with desire. She wants it now, she’s ready for Jane to stretch her out.

Jane commands Melody to turn around. Melody’s legs are trembling and she can feel the hard head of the cock teasing open her lips. “Relax,” Jane whispers. And Melody feels herself being parted.

Melody has never had anything inside her before today and this cock is gigantic compared to the glass tools. She can feel the veins on the sides of the dildo stimulating as the shaft slides deep inside her hole. It’s the most intense thing she’s ever experienced.

Jane keeps thrusting, “You’re such a good girl, keep taking it, keep showing me you’re my little girl.” Melody is delighted and pushes back and back and back.

Just when Melody is sure she can’t take any more, Jane pulls out and orders Melody to lie down and face her. Melody watches Jane strap on a new, even thicker dick and this time Jane doesn’t hold back, fucking Melody so deep the shaft disappears completely inside her cunt.

Melody’s whole body is is pulsing with pleasure, she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold out before she explodes in orgasm.

Jane smiles, slyly and tells her she has one more thing to teach the girl before she is ready for the next step. Anything, Melody, thinks, just as long as I can cum with that big cock inside me.”

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