Moms Lick Teens –  Right Down The Slit




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Right Down The Slit
Alena Croft & Haley MaeHaley wanted to get fucked but her BF was out with a few friends. He was too busy to have phone sex therefore, Haley picked out a zucchini from her kitchen veggie and fruit basket that approximated the size of her BF’s cock. While she was fucking the zucchini, her BF’s mom, Alena, walked in on her. Haley was startled and extremely embarrassed. Alena figured it was only right to show Haley how it was done. She fucked Haley with the zucchini and then tongue fucked her tight little pussy and licked the young girl’s ass and engaged in tribbing. Alena also taught her how to lick the clit and finger a wet pussy.

  • Moms Lick Teens – Right Down The Slit

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