Meana Wolf – The Experiment

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The Experiment.wmv


The Experiment

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Meana Wolf – The Experiment

You saw an ad looking for test subjects for a new study on the male orgasm. It said “…various forms of stimulation will be applied to your penis and recorded. The data will be used to learn more about the male orgasm and male psychology surrounding orgasm”. What the ad didn’t mention was that this particular study is being conducted by Dr. Meana Wolf. The famed mad sexual scientist. And not only is she studying the male orgasm…she’s studying what happens when you continue to stroke and stimulate a cock after the orgasm. She straps you down to a table and begins to tease you with her fingers. She rubs oil all over your cock while she strokes you…she sucks you and toys with you…bringing you closer and closer. She asks you questions regarding your mental state and your arousal while she slides your thick cock deep in her pussy…then she tells you what’s going to happen after you cum. Don’t forget…you signed up for this…oh and you signed a waiver too.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Mad sexual scientist Dr. Meana Wolf strokings you, sucks you, and fucks you to orgasm only to abuse your cock after you orgasm. The test subject screams in agony and begs to be released as she destroys him.

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