Lucy Marie – Mommy wants to get dirty with your friends again



Lucy Marie – Mommy Wants to Get Dirty with your Friends Again.mp4



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A great filthy follow up to the clip HD Mommy wants to do bad things to your friends. :Baby you have been very quiet since last week, didn’t you enjoy the fun we had with your friends. I know you have been feeling a little strange and confused about the situation… but you made your Mommy very very happy. I mean I know you have never heard me cum so hard, don’t be shy I know how much you enjoyed it…. seeing all that creamy cum oozing from Mommy’s pussy, watching me get fucked hard. You loved licking Mommy’s ass didn’t you, go on admit it…. Oh look, someones getting hard now arnt they! Darling you know I particularly liked Ben.. now I want you to make me happy and invite him round again one night next week as your father’s away. There are lots of dirty things I want to do to you both, but my biggest fantasy is that you fuck my tight ass nice and hard while Ben watches. I think we need to practise now, my pussy’s getting all wet at the thought of it. Clip contains: virtual sex, MILF, mom/son, Virtual anal POV, topless, femdom, taboo, dirty talk

  • Lucy Marie – Mommy wants to get dirty with your friends again

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