LITTLE SISTER – Ashlynn Taylor

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LITTLE SISTER - Ashlynn Taylor


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LITTLE SISTER – Ashlynn Taylor



WHEN HER OLDER BROTHER WON’T LET ASHLYNN BORROW HIS CAR…. ASHLYNN SHEDS HER PJ’S…AND GETS TOPLESS!!! HER OLDER BROTHER CAN’T RESIST SMOKING HOT LITTLE SISTER…AND AGREES TO GIVE UP HIS CAR… IN ORDER TO RAVAGE HIS BABY SISTER FOR 10 MINUTES!! Ashlynn asks her older Brother Justin for a favour. She wants to borrow his car to go to the Mall….and being the big meanie that he is….he tells his little Sister to take a hike!! Ashlynn begs her Brother to please let her use his car…but he refuses. Ashlynn, however, is resourceful…and a smart cookie. Ashlynn returns to her Brother’s room a few minutes later. This time…She has removed her glasses….let her hair down….and instead of frumpy pajamas…she is TOPLESS, with white panties, and white knee high socks!! Justin’s eyes almost burst out of his head!!! He had NO idea that his Little Sister was such a Goddess!! Realizing that with her Brother’s eyes bulging….and his pants bulging…that she now has ALL the Power…Ashlynn goes for his pants and tells him that she is going to Fuck him, in exchange for him letting her use his car ALL weekend! Justin tells her that he needs his car for work…but when Topless Ashlynn starts to leave…Justin, of course, can’t resist his Baby Sister…and begs her to come back and Fuck him. Ashlynn lets her Brother enjoy her sweet, young snatch….she sucks his cock…and then Little Sister takes a hard Pounding from her Brother. As she senses that big Brother is about to spill his load….resourceful Ashlynn tells him that is he fills the tank with gas for her….she’ll let him cum inside her!!! Powerless to resist his sexy Little Sister……Justin cums in her. Oh well….looks like a weekend of taking the bus for him…..



Ashlynn Taylor – Little Sister.wmv

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