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Lindsey Leigh – Interracial Boot Worship & Spitting

  • Lindsey Leigh – Interracial Boot Worship & Spitting

    This slave loves the taste of my spit, he lives for it. He will do anything he can to just get a little drip in his pathetic mouth. If this loser wants my spit he’s going to have to earn it! I want my leather boots cleaned until they sparkle. I want you licking the bottom sole, the heel and definitely the entire boot itself. He does a good job on the first boot, Im satisfied so I spit onto my boot. He quickly laps it up like the desperate puppy he is. After both boots are cleaned to my liking I allow him to clean my bare feet that have gotten sweaty after wearing my boots all day. He cleans between my toes, licks my soles, he really is a lover of my feet. After seeing all the dirt and sweat on his tongue I give him the gift he’s been waiting for, my spit. But if he wants it, he needs to lick it off my feet.


    Lindsey Leigh – Interracial Boot Worship & Spitting
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