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Lady Fyre – Enslaved by My Mouth

Lady Fyre – Enslaved by My Mouth

Since we’ve been together, I’ve noticed you get uncomfortable when I put my mouth on your cock. You’re avoiding ejaculating. I think you’re afraid of giving yourself to me. Today you have no choice. I’m going to keep using my mouth to work your cock until you cum, and then you will be mine. Once you know the pleasure of my mouth bringing you to orgasm, you will be completely in my control. You will worship me, knowing the pleasure it gives you, that no one else can give you. I can tell you’re afraid that you will no longer have any say in things, that you will be in my complete control, but that is the price you must pay to feel my mouth on your cock. Poor darling, you are about to explode. And now I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted & always feared. I’m going to make you cum & not stop until I’ve drained you. Now, my slave, to take you past the point of no return, I will take your cum-covered cock back into my mouth & you’ll be mine forever. Now that you know this intense pleasure, you will do anything to feel it again. You will never be able to orgasm any other way. You are mine! Now you will worship me & beg at my feet to give you pleasure.


Lady Fyre – Enslaved by My Mouth – Cum in Mouth
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