Jerking off to bound Amy Starr

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Jerking off to bound Amy Starr


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Amy is tied up with black and red rope and she is struggling to break free. Watching her squirm makes your dick so hard. She is really angry with you and she calls you a dick. How can you dare to touch your cock while she is struggling? A bound girl is a fabulous site. Even though she claims not to be enjoying herself, you surely are. The rope is tied so that it rubs against her pussy each time she struggles to escape your clever rope work. Now she calls you a jerk, but you see that she is becoming turned on from the rope rubbing against her pussy. You guess that Amy never thought that she would like bondage. In fact, you could see her becoming quite the rope slut with a little more time. You are oddly turned on by her whimpering cries of apparent distress. She has no idea that you have scissors nearby to cut her loose quickly, but for now you let her struggle. It seems that the more she struggles the more she gets turned on! Her pussy is wet and she finally gets one of her hands free. The first thing that she does is to reach over to your throbbing cock and stroke it. Then she begs you to cover her face with your cum. She has been such a good girl that you cannot refuse her request.

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