Indecentes Voisines – Chubby Amateur Anal




Indecentes – Dis, tu veut bien m’apprendre à me faire enculer.mp4


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I don’t speak French sadly. But I do understand fucking. So I can explain that. Video opens up with a lady leading this couple into a room with a bed. The lady has quite the unique nose. I like unique noses for whatver reason. And it fits this chubby chick who has nice thick calves,big juicy thigh and big round ass. About twenty seconds in and she’s already sucking. She blows the male for a bit and the lady who led them into the room watches from the door seemingly being turned out. But sadly doesn’t join in on the action. The girl unzips her dress and unveiling a black bra with golden lines design and a pair of tiny black frilly panties. The males puts on a condom and she gets on top of him. She rides him up and down. The get horizontal and he hits it sideways. The go to doggy and then move onto reverse. She had heels on this whole time by the way. They move onto anal. Reverse and horizontally. Ends with the man cumming in the girls mouth. If you’re interested I hope you check it out. Enjoy.

  • Indecentes Voisines – Chubby Amateur Anal

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