Goddess Victoria – Jealous Big Brother

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Goddess Victoria – Jealous Big Brother


Jealous Big Brother HD.mp4



“This clip was a custom order. Script:

The categories for it would be Lipstick Fetish, Taboo and GFE. For the clip, please have your hair in twin ponytails, and wear black lipstick like you did in “Jerk it For My Black Lips” and have on a lot of lip gloss so your lips are shiny. If you have any pink/red eyeshadow, please use that, too, but that’s optional. And if you could wear a tank top for this that would be great.

In the clip, you play my little sister. I wake up to find you lying on top of me. You know I went to bed angry and jealous because you went out on another big date with your stud boyfriend, Chad. You gush and gloat about how great the date was, and then you top off your story by taking out a condom that is filled with his semen. You giggle and kiss the condom. At this point, after putting the condom away, you hug me close and tell me I have nothing to worry about. I’m the most important guy in your life. You then lean in to my ear and whisper “I love you” in a throaty voice. You see that saying that has made me hard and you decide we should have sex. (The sex is simulated since it’s POV) As we have sex, you shower me with kisses. Throughout the sex, please lean in close and whisper in my ear the phrase, “Pretty girls” four times in a row. After you cum, kiss me and say, “I love you, big brother!”

Virtual sex with riding, cowgirl.

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