Goddess Madam Violet – Kneel Slide & Stroke

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Goddess Madam Violet – Kneel Slide & Stroke





I want you kneeling, naked hard and submissive. So that is what will happen. As you are watching this I am out with friends, being sophisticated, glamorous, vanilla. At the same time all over the world there are so many men kneeling before me, naked, desperate, hard and begging. That contrast tuns Me on, living this secret life that so many would never guess. So I want to know that you are surrendering to Me properly, first you strip, then you kneel, then I seduce you all the way down into trance where you belong. I TEASE your cock and CONFUSE your mind, allowing you to stroke for My delicious juicy tits, you are helpless before Me, so weak and pathetic before Me. Mind mushy because of these PERFECT tits, cock HARD because you KNOW how much control I have over you. I continue My brainwashing and programming, slowly allowing My dress to fall away, stroking My tits, encouraging you to CUM for Me, implanting some post commands to further prolong the POWER I have over you. Stroking like an , on the floor, all reason and thought gone. I reduce you to nothing – and thats okay! It makes Me hot and WET to know you can SURRENDER yourself like that for Me. So cum for Me, CUM for these TITS. Kneeling, naked, owned. Contains: trance, imbedded commands, eye fixation, deepener, finger snaps, brainwashing, post trance commands, cum countdown.

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