Facefucking the Anger Management Counselor 2

  •  Facefucking the Anger Management Counselor 2





    It’s the end of the workday, and I’m tidying up my office before the last couple late appointments. Bending over, I don’t see you come in, and before I know it you’ve wrestled me to my knees and taken your dick out..! It seems as though you’ve taken our earlier talk to heart, and have come back here to test your new-found assertiveness on your Counselor. I manage to stop you, just before you shove your already hard cock between my lips – I explain to you that there’s a difference between taking what you want – anytime and anyplace – and accepting a woman’s offer. Without the offer, you could get yourself into big trouble.You are beyond hearing my words…stiff cock in your hand, you shove it into my mouth and begin pumping away furiously as I try to reason with you. Every time I manage to free my mouth of your dick, I try to explain that this is not the way to go about getting your dick sucked…and every time, you shove that hard cock right back down my throat. Gagging me. Stretching my lips. Making my eyes tear as I cough and struggle on your dick.The more rationally I attempt to speak with you, the harder you fuck my face. Eventually, I decide that the ‘healthiest thing’ for you is to let you do what you came here to do…I open my mouth, stick out my tongue, and invite you to cram your cock in there…do it…take it…fuck my face. When you grab my hair, jerking my head back and spurting a huge load of cum from my forehead to my chin I tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you’re going to have to find another Anger Management Counselor.Includes : MILF, FaceFuck, Huge CumshotFor other formats click “All Categories” above.If you got off on this scene, you’re going to LOVE Facefucking the Anger Management Counselor.

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