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20 year old Alexis is a true first-timer to the jizz biz. Which is odd since she works as a poker dealer in Las Vegas and has the looks and personality to pretty much get any sex-related job she could want. Maybe it’s because she was engaged until recently that she kept that tight body under wraps until now. She’s starved for sex and love, watch how she cherishes the makeout session with our stud in the car, and even blows him a little.
It really heats up from there once Alexis enters the hotel. Master Steve and TC take turns complimenting Alexis and she’s clearly not used to boys telling her nice things. Again, weird…but also makes for some cute reactions from our Vegas beauty. You will spend a LOT of time behind the scenes with Alexis: she does her makeup and hair, takes a shower (where TC sneaks in a blowjob), tries out different outfits, and we film all this hotness for your enjoyment. But that’s just the appetizer – once she plants her gazelle legs and quarter-bouncing butt on the bed, it’s showtime for realsies…and our stud can’t wait to play (hard) and make our newbie babe cum (harder!) over and over (and over) again. Alexis has lots of orgasms and she truly enjoys getting taken in so many positions. To give you a preview, have a look at the little photos below. But these just skim the surface. Alexis’ enjoyment, orgasms, and sheer raw sexual energy between her and TC is simply something you have GOT to watch for yourself…all one-and-a-half-hour of it. Enjoy!

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