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DVDES-803 a world where rape is legal 1, and DVDES-846 a world where rape is legal 2

DVDES – World Where Rape is Legal

Got a nice 2-pack for you here…..both of the current vids for this "world where rape has become legal" series. Both are 720×400 or so, and both are pretty hot if you like the immediately saddle rape fantasy stuff. Cause the whole thing is based around the premise that plummeting birth rates has made it so desperate that the government has said that guys can legally mount women anytime they want and there are no rules even if the girl doesn’t like it.

In the FIRST vid (803) it’s reported on the news but they don’t believe it and the daughter goes to school the next day where the teacher grabs a female student that is goofing off and fucks her in front of the whole class which encourages the boys in the class to jump the other girls EXCEPT the daughter. It then cuts to a random scene at a restaurant where two male customers have sex with the waitresses there while they work.

It then cuts back to the news station where the female anchor from the beginning is about to go on air but is jumped by her co-host and is basically fucked on air. Which is funny cause it cuts back to the family where they are later watching her get fucked, though the mom tries to cover the daugher’s eyes. Which doesn’t make much since the horny brother decides he wants to nail his sister and the parents don’t even seem to care in the least while he does all over the house. END FIRST VID

THE SECOND VID (846) it starts out at the news station in a meeting led by the female head of the network. The meeting is going fine until one of her subordinates decides to fuck her, though of course because it’s legal now the meeting carries on while they’re having sex Next a boy and girl are having a study session where the boy tries to have sex with her, but she pushes him off, and they say something cute like she’s not ready or something that doesn’t stop her horny father later, though the mother walks in on them at the end and gets mad at the dad for scarring their daughter.

The daughter is still pretty shaken up by it the next day where her friend finds her sobbing in the stairwell. The friend later has to go to the library where she is half stalked by some of the men in there but is only jumped by an older man. Later on the train she is accosted by a man on it and forced to fuck again, which gives another man sitting across from them the idea to go after another woman on the train and fuck her too, all while a pregnant woman sitting on the train has to watch them. The final scene involves a hot teacher who is basically forced to let her whole class (all guys) gangbang her right through the end credits where they take turns letting her blow them as the credits roll,lol

Definitely worth the DL if you like this kind of theme/genre of JAV, the whole thing is a few gigs but barring anyone just downloading half or something at the start I will try I should be able to get it seeded out in fairly good time tonight, so hope you guys like it.


Name: DVDES-846mp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 1.29 GB – 02:09:00 – 720 x 404

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