DID-393 – Stacie Starr – Son’s gambling debt

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DID-393 - Stacie Starr - Son's gambling debt

DID-393 – Stacie Starr – Son’s gambling debt


Stacie’s son had a huge gambling debt.

He had avoided the collector for several weeks. One day when he was coming home and the collector was waiting, he hit him in the head with a baton knocking him out. He tied Brent to the bed and continued to beat him.

Stacie was upstairs and heard a scream and male voices. She quickly came down the stairs to see her son tied down and showing the signs of his ordeal. A masked man with a club in his hand beating her son. She screamed for him to stop and demanded he tell her why he was doing this.
The man told her of her son’s debit. Stacie offered some of the money but did not have very much at all. The man noticed how hot she was and decided to make a deal.

She would suck his cock and he would give her son another week. She reluctantly agreed. She hoped that they would leave the room so her son wouldn’t see his mom’s cock sucking abilities. Instead he pushed her to her knees in front of her son and then dragged her right next to the bed. Mom’s sunshine then got a splendid view of mommy sucking the thug’s dick.

He poked Brent in the crotch with his club and commented that her son was getting hard watching her suck cock. He pushed her down on her son and made her pull out his cock and suck him.

When she did not think that it could get any worse he pulled down her panties and fucked her from behind while making her suck her son. Then he pushed her tits into Brent’s mouth as he continued fucking her. When he was ready to cum he pulled her to her knees and blasted her face. The man zipped up and reminded her the balance was still due!


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