[CumLouder] Liz Rainbow – Cabernet Squirtignon





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Pablo Ferrari visits Liz Rainbow’s famous winery to by a nice batch of wine. Once he’s there, Pablo makes a complete mess by spilling a whole bunch of wine on his clothes. Liz, while trying to clean him up, realizes he has a huge boner. She gets turned on herself by the find and they both end up having a spectacular fuck.
She starts by sucking him off and it’s then his turn to eat her pussy out.
He doesn’t wait long before sticking it vaginally to her on that table. While still in the same position (missionary), he decides to change hole.
She then goes sideways, but still gets it in her ass. They then switch to anal doggy, reverse cowgirl, then regular cowgirl.
While she’s laying on her back on the table, head facing up the ceiling, he unloads his cum on her face.
A great scene exclusively for refined palates.

  • [CumLouder] Liz Rainbow – Cabernet Squirtignon

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