[Clips4Sale] Sunshine Lollipop: Daddy’s Fuck Toy

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 [Clips4Sale] Sunshine Lollipop: Daddy’s Fuck Toy



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Breakdown: Daddy’s little slut doesn’t want to go to school, instead she says she wants to stay home and serve Daddy full-time. With a tiny waist and perfectly made up hair & makeup, she really does look like a little doll. Daddy knows that you have to work for it though; you can’t be his little fuck toy unless you earn it! Princess strips down to her panties then rubs herself for Daddy until she cums, begging him to fuck her. But he doesn’t give in… and she’s forced to take more extreme measures to show Daddy she’s worthy of being his useless little fuck toy! After teasing Daddy enough, he finally lets me suck him off. I put my slut skills to the test as I attempt to take his entire cock in my virgin mouth. After I’m done, I’m so horny I can’t control myself & I start fucking my lil pussy, juice dripping down my legs as I cum over & over for you…

“I just wanna be your doll Daddy, I can’t think for myself, I’m a dumb little girl”

“I wanna stay home! But Daddy I don’t need school! I wanna be your little fuck toy forever. You said you’d love me forever and ever right? So doesn’t that mean I can be your little whore?”

“I don’t have to go to school anymore, Pleeeease Daddy? I want you to dress me, I want you to choose what I eat and when I sleep.”

“I just wanna be your little doll Daddy. I don’t wanna have to think for myself. I’m too dumb. Please Daddy?”

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