Bare Back Studios – Alora Jaymes – My Brother Comes Home

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Alora Jaymes in My Brother Cums Home sd

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Bare Back Studios – Alora Jaymes in My Brother Comes Home

Alora is house sitting for her boss who is away on business, immediately bored she can’t help but please herself with a little touching, rubbing and fingering. Don’t get anything on the boss’ couch! “It is getting hot in here, I think it’s time to check out the shower” says Alora. She can’t stop giggling knowing that she is in her boss’ house. Now it’s time to finish herself off, the boss’ bed and soft sheets are perfect for an orgasm!

“Oh my god! Boss! What are you doing here? I swear I will clean this up!” says a shock Alora. “Well I see you have made yourself very comfortable. Get down here and suck my cock. If you want to keep your job, you will suck my cock! You made a mess on my couch and now you will pay!” demands Kyle. He makes her pay big time by fucking her sweet pussy until she screams with pleasure. “Please don’t cum on me I just took a shower” begs Alora. “Oh you did? Well here is my huge load all over your tits!” laughs Kyle. “No bro! I told you wanted it in my mouth!” Alora says with a smirk.

Thus ending the first role play game by Brother and Sister, Kyle and Alora…

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