Bang – Penny Pax Double Stuffed In Her Bang Audition

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Bang - Penny Pax Double Stuffed In Her Bang Audition


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Bang – Penny Pax Double Stuffed In Her Bang Audition



Scene begins with a brief interview with Penny on the black leather couch.  They ask her about rough sex and her career in the adult industry.  She eventually takes off her jean skirt and starts rubbing her pussy.  Two guys (John Strong and someone else I don’t recognize) come into the room and start to feel Penny, rip off her clothes, and rough her up a bit with fish hooks and titty slaps.  She begins a double blowjob and the guys gag and throat fuck her.

She gets laid out on the couch and fucked in the pussy and ass while she eats the other guy’s ass, dick, and feet.  Her tits have a spectacular bounce while she gets reamed.

The guys remove the rest of her clothes during another brief double blowjob, then resume the sex with a doggie-style anal spit roast.

More double blowjob, followed by a cowgirl/crab position anal fuck while she licks the other guys balls and jerks him off.  The guys swap by rolling her into a ball and piledrive fuck her on the couch, then swap back to the crab position fuck while she eats the guy’s ass.

More doggie-style anal spitroast.  Fish hooks and face-spitting.  Very rough.  Signature rapid-fire assfucking from John Strong.

She’s then laid out on the couch while the guys stuff their feet in her face and finger mash their hands in her pussy until she squirts pussy juice.  Her body is covered in red marks from the rough slapping and squeezing.

More double blowjob, then face-fucking on the couch.  Finally, the DP begins.  She’s face down on John while she gets reamed from behind, grabbing and spreading her ass wide while her tits bounce marvelously.  Lots of fish hooks.  She’s turned over, face-up laying on John while DP’d.  She’s quite flexible, pulling her legs way back while they ream her holes.  More fish hooks and choking.  She climbs down and goes straight ass-to-mouth on both guys.

Doggie-style anal fucking resumes with some foot licking on the side.  She’s not a tiny girl, but the guys manage to pick her up and do the standing DP.  More double blowjob.

The scene ends with the guys grabbing a dry-erase marker and writing “BANG” on her forehead and “WHORE” above her tits.  They also write something else below her tits but it’s in Russian.

Double blowjob to facial completion on both guys.  There is some more post-cum dick sucking, then a very brief interview afterwards about the scene.  The cameraman reads the text in Russian as “I love you, little princess,” but I’m sure he was just being silly. – penny-pax-scene-1.720p.mp4

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