BackroomCastingCouch – Penelope

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BackroomCastingCouch – Penelope


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21 yo Penelope is a waitress at a sports bar. And while she hates being groped by guys all day long there, she thinks she would enjoy getting fucked and facialed by strangers on camera. Guess it’s just a matter of price.
Penelope walks in looking gorgeous in that dress and sexy heels. For some reason our Mexican hottie didn’t expect she’d have to get naked though. Weirder yet, she’s embarrassed that she is wearing lingerie underneath that dress. It’s a fricken PORN CASTING, girl. But once Agent Jake and I see that fab body of hers we pretty much forgive her any logical transgressions from there on out. And once she hesitatingly agrees to suck Jake’s jizz hose and delivers a shockingly expert BJ, we’re pretty much sold on that girl. She has a certain vibe, one that makes you suddenly forget things, stumble over your words (and camera cords), and just generally can’t act like your normal self. Know what I mean?

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