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Asian Gypsy Show – Personal Training Nightmares

Asian Gypsy Show – Personal Training Nightmares

Jasmine is ready to get into shape. Today she invites a fitness instructor over. Jasmine is dressed in a white t-shirt without a bra and sexy white shorts. The fitness trainer is in swimming trunks.

He says her to "Lay down on the floor for the first exercise, face down and bend your ass upward into the air, with your hands behind your back. When she does he tells her "You are doing it wrong," and presses her ass with his hand. She keeps trying to do it right. He says that she should fix the position of her ass but since she cannot seem to get it right he decides to sit on it, to hold it down. She begins to slide her hands from behind her back for some reason but he gets mad and offers "to fix" them for her – which he does by tying her wrists together behind her back with rope . He then starts fondling and clutching her breasts.

Don’t touch me!" she says.

He says "You have to concentrate," and then he blindfolds her.

"It is very hot," she says. So he brings her some water but "accidentally" spills it all over her breasts, giving her a wet t-shirt look. He pretends to wipe the water but slowly fondles her breast again – and then she cries out for him to stop.

Let’s continue on the bed, he says, and so he picks her up and lays her on the bed face down.

She starts the exercises again and again he gropes her ass. He then pulls down her shorts a bit and raises her ass up slightly and again fondles her breasts. She says "What in the world are you doing? Stop it!" but he says, "But you have such nice tits."

While she rests he spills some more water on her ass to make the shorts all wet and slippery. He keeps groping her ass as if trying to help her do the exercises better. He then suggests a new exercise – to raise the ass up which is when he binds her legs together and slides her shorts down to her knees, leaving her ass bare and ready for some sort of insertion.

"What are you doing?" she wails.

"Sorry," he says, it’s not easy to press the ass just right – that’s why I had to pull your shorts down. I need to see and feel skin.

She tries hard to do the exercises right but he pulls down his shorts revealing a hard white cock and then he begins to masturbate while she sees nothing because of the blindfold. He continues jerking off to the sight of her brown ass while telling her the proper way to do her exercises.

"Why are you breathing so hard?" she wants to know.

"I am sorry," he says, "but I cannot hold out any longer. I will fuck you now.

"No," she says, "please dont, I’m not on the pill and will get pregnant," and she tries desperately to fight off the hairy trainer whose cock by now is dripping with pre-cum.

He cannot take it any more and starts to fuck her in doggy while pressing her ass with his hands and touching it, spreading her cheeks. She screams and starts to fight. She cries, "What are you doing to me?" and so on.

He says "Don’t you like such sporting exercise?" Then he rips off her shorts all the way and puts them into her mouth and binds her legs spread-eagle to bed and fucks her pussy. Sometimes groping her breasts (she still has on the wet t-shirt).

She asks him to stop fucking her pussy and suddenly he says ok. She is very happy but he says that instead he will fuck her mouth and so he does. Then he again binds her legs together and fucks her hard for a few minutes more (in the middle of scene he takes off the shorts from her mouth and she starts to ask him again why he is so violent).

In the end he shoots a big white hot load all over her slut mouth and face while she cannot do anything but eat his warm cum.


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