Aaliyah Taylor – I Blackmail my Principal

Aaliyah Taylor – I Blackmail my Principal






I get called into the principals office to have that bitch tell me I’m one more report from being expelled. Who the fuck does she think she is, sitting in her chair judging me. I pull out my phone and show her that I’m not going to be expelled any time soon. Not if she wants these pictures to stay off the internet. “Where did you get these!” She demands. “Please don’t show anyone, I’ll lose my job”

Now she’s not so high and mighty. She begs me like a little whore that she will do anything. I demand that she give me a blowjob. A look of horror comes over her as she takes me to the conference room. She has no choice but to hesitantly pull down my pants and put me in her mouth. She doesn’t want to, but a part of her likes being treated this way, being made into my little whore.

I lay her down on the conference table and make her pull up her skirt. She wasn’t even wearing panties. What a little sex slut I’ve found. I’m going to fuck her every day until I graduate. She moans and shakes with pleasure as I fuck her hard and deep.

A sexy little smiles comes over her face as my hard wet cock pushes into her tight ass. I use her any way I want. Making her cum and transforming her into my powerless little sex slave. Forcing her to the ground to suck my dirty cock and get me ready to fuck her again and again. On her knees I give her a big load to her face. “Please delete those pictures” She says, cum covering her professional makeup. But I’ll see her next week for more student mentoring instead.

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