A Taboo Fantasy – Fuck Your Sister

A Taboo Fantasy – Fuck Your Sister





WHEN ASHLYNN AND HER BROTHER ARE SENT TO A THERAPIST BECAUSE THEY DON’T GET ALONG….THE THERAPY IS “UNUSUAL”. THE DEMENTED DR. BLUE PUTS THEM IN A TRANCE…AND HAS THEM STRIP NAKED!! JUSTIN IS ORDERED TO LICK HIS SITER’S CUNT…THEN LICK HIS SITER’S ASSHOLE. ASHLYNN IS ORDERED TO SUCK HER BROTHER’S COCK…AND THEN THEY ARE INSTRUCTED TO FUCK EACH OTHER HARD!! Ashlynn and her Brother Justin have not been getting along at home…so their Parents have sent them to see renowned, albeit “controversial” Therapist Dr. Blue. Even in the presence of the Therapist, the two Siblings can’t behave themselves…..and they bicker back and forth and even punch each other! Dr. Blue has had enough!! The Doctor skips right to drastic measures. The Siblings are told to watch Dr. Blue’s watch swing back and forth…slowly back and forth…back and forth…..until, under the Doctor’s direction, they are both put into a deep trance. Once they are under, Dr. Blue wastes no time in getting them to undress each other. Once they are naked…the Doctor instructs Justin to lick his Sister’s Cunt…which he obediently does. After a few moments, Justin is instructed to lick his Sister’s Asshole….which he does. Next, Ashlynn is told to suck her Brother’s cock, and she eagerly slurps it into her mouth. The Siblings are then instructed to hump each other, while the demented Doctor watches and makes notes. The squabbling Brother and Sister happily Fuck each other hard, until Justin is told to cum all over his Sister’s face. Once he has unloaded all his sperm onto Ashlynn’s face, Dr. Blue tells them to g

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