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21Sextreme – Sophie Lynx – Fatal Shortcut Part 2

21Sextreme – Sophie Lynx – Fatal Shortcut Part 2

The beginning is exactly the same as in the part 1. Two silly bitches decide to take a shortcut with their car through the forest, but unfortunately car breaks down. Sophies’s friend Kayla leaves the car and goes to find help. Sophie gets spotted by some guy while she pisses. The next moment she find herself tied up to a tree with a cloth gag in her mouth. Then the guy comes to her and cuts his way through her t-shirt to her boobies. He licks them few times and after that he completely rips her t-shirt and starts fingering her pussy. Then he blinds her and forces her to a deepthroat. Thereafter she gets fucked in missionary and spoon position(s). In the end he grabs her hair and cums on her face.


Name: 21Sextreme – Sophie Lynx – Fatal Shortcut Part 2 – 720p (Jul 28, 2013)mp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 598.52 MB – 00:27:43 – 1280 x 720

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